Attack on the Swallowtail Festival

This page is about the specific Swallowtail festival the party attended. If you are looking for the Swallowtail Festival in general, please see this page.

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The party was assembling on Standpoints square outside of the new Cathedral as the annual swallowtail festival was about to start. The square was set up with tables and tents with food and drinks ‘o plenty to go around, and a podium on a small stage was also there. The festival opened with welcoming speeches from Mayor Deverin, Sheriff Hemlock and Cyrdak Drokkus. The local nobleman Lonjiku Kaijitsu was also suppose to speak but a “sudden illness” prevented this (though this was not a surprise to many locals, as the rumour that Lonjiku’s despises frivolity and festivals was widespread).

At this point two things should be noted about the party. Firstly: Ingo the paladin did detect evil on the crowd, and detected one person who was evil. Though in the end this was not acted upon. Secondly: Pai the Sorceresses sneaked of and broke into (through the coal chute) the Alchemical shop the Bottled Solutions. Potions where stolen and, to cover up the crime, Pai set fire to the shop. Then she went to bathe in the river, clothes and all, to wash away the coal dust, before returning to the rest of the party. That a minor fire was set in the shop was not discovered by people until after the Swallowtail Festival was over.

The Swallowtail Festival continued with celebration and the eating of food and the consumption of beverages. The customary Swallowtail release occurred, with thousands of butterflies being released from wagons, on command of the local priest Father Zantus. Finally as the sun starts to almost touch the horizon, Father Zantus once again takes the stage and uses a thunderstone to get everyone attention, unfortunately he gains the attention of more then he bargain for.

Moments after the thunderstones sounded the crowd to order several screams can be heard as people as suddenly attacked by Goblins that seems to have snuck into the Festival. Luckily our adventurers quickly spotted these Goblins and engage them, victoriously, in battle. After fighting of two groups of Goblins the Cathedral square lay abandoned, save for the party and the bodies of the goblins and several unlucky townsfolk.

Though the party do not stay long in the square, as they rush off towards the sound of more battles to the north. In the northern part of town they dispatch another group of goblins, saving a minor noble named Aldern Foxglove.

After this final battle, and with the contribution by the town-guard elsewhere, the goblins where driven out of Sandpoint. A single goblin was captured by the towns-guard on the Cathedral square, along with Mayor Deverin and Sheriff Hemlock. Though the goblin doesn’t reveal much, other then that they had been told to attack Sandpoint, before a seemingly nerves junior guardsman runs the goblin through, seeming because the goblin was reaching for a piece of cheese that was nearby on the ground.

The party would later learn that during this attack someone, presumable the goblins, had plundered the sarcophagus of the late priest of Sandpoint Ezakien Toby and stolen his body.

This concludes the goblins first attack on Sandpoint. The story continues in Intermission I-I

Attack on the Swallowtail Festival

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