This page is about the geographical location of Varisia. If you are looking for Varisian, the ethnic group, please see this page

The land of Varisia is a relatively recently settled land located in the North-Western part of Avistan on Golarion. It was settled by colonists from the Chelaxian Empire. Varisia is mostly compost of rural communities, independent city-states, ancient ruins and large swats of uncharted land, at least by civilised people.

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Varisia is night to divided in two. There is the lowlands, that by most people who live in Varisia is simply called Varisia. This is where a overwhelming majority of the civilised people and cites are located. The land is dominated by rivers and forest, and the wast march of the Mushfens in the south.

The north-eastern part of Varisia, collectively called Storval Plateau, is physically divided from the rest of Varisia by the Storval Rise. The Storval Rise is an immense cliff that divided Varisia in half. The cliff itself is over a thousand feet in the south, but drops of to only a few hundred feet in the north.

Varisia has been called the “Land of Ruins” as it contains so many ancient ruins of gigantic monuments and building, left over from the ancient empire of Thassilon. Some of the more well known of these are the Irespan of Magnimar or the Cyphergate of Riddleport.

Varisia is not one unified country, instead it is ruled over by a collection of independent city-states, each ruling over a collection of villages and hamlets. Outside of the control of these city-states the barbaric Shoanti rule, especially on the vast Storval Plateau. Though they “share” this territory with tribes of Ogres and Giants, to mention a few.

The major city-states of Varisia is the follow:

This is the oldest and largest city in Varisia, founded as a Chelish collony. Ruled by a Monarch. Rival of Magnimar.

The second largest city in Varisia. It stiles itself a trading city with lax laws, in contrast to Korvosas strict and harsh laws. Ruled by a Lord-Mayor. Rival of Korvosa.

A pirate-haven ruled over by a powerful Overlord.

Kaer Maga
The smallest of the major cites of Varisia, and the only one to be located on the Storval Rise. It has no central government, instead existing in a anarchic state.

Chelaxians : In the major cites, the majority of the Humans, who make up a Majority of the population, can trace there ancestry back to the Chelaxian settlers.

Shoanti: Human barbarians that ruled all of Varisia before the Chelaxian settlers arrived. They now mostly only rule over the Storval Plateau.

varisian: Humans nomads, native to Varisia, to which they lend there name.



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