Lady the Cat

A magical Cat/Elf from Magnimar


When in feline form the Cats fur is Orange with white striped.

When the party meet the Cat in its office above the Wonders of Varisia it was in the shape of a female Elf.


This Cat/Elf was first encountered when the Party arrived at Magnimar for the first time. It was seen observing them and the party felt it was a bit squirely.

It continued to follow several of the party members, and Pomperipossa the Witch tried to speak “cat”-language to it, yet the cat did not seem to understand.

After the partys defeat at the Shadow Clock of Magnimar, where Görgen the Monk and Claire the Rogue were both slain, the cat met the two surviving members, Pomperipossa the Witch and Ingo the Paladin, and spoke to them in common. The two surviving members explained the situation at the clock and the Cat pulled some strings with the city guard.

After this the Cat aided the party by providing them with two new members, Aym the Freebooter and Ulfgar the Cleric, and giving them a possible lead that lead to an Old Shrine in Magnimar. This lead, while leading to the rooting out of a minor demon infestation, did not lead to any immediate information about the snake-creature. During this battle, Ingo the Paladin was slain.

The Cat managed to find some new blood for the party, Barbaros the Barbarian, and after some time found another lead for the party. The church of Abadar was hunting a thief that had stolen several Swords of Sin. These Sword of Sin are a remnant of the Thassilonian Empire, and the Party had several times run into Thassilonian related iconography, most notable the Sihedron. This quest lead the party to the city of Kaer Maga.

The Cat own a magical item shop, known as the Wonders of Varisia, located in the Capital District of Magnimar. It has offered the party a discount on buying items and a special offer on buying items in its store, both at 10%.

The Cat seems to only refer to itself as “we”.

Lady the Cat

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